I have been trying to install FreeIPA with integrated dns i found installing 
freeipa easy without dns but anything todo with the dns portion of it exceeding 
complicated. I have a internel dns server that i have been using to store all 
the host names of my internel pcs and then for anything externel it would 
forward to another dns server. As far as i can tell the freeipa integrated dns 
is would replace this and would store all the records needed for freeipa also 
as far as i can tell it would automatically create the A records and AAAA 
records for the client pcs added to the domain and keep them updated. 

I originally tried making the integrated dns handle the root zone i think that 
is what its called where it could create records for any subdomains I read 
online that this wasnt a good idea and also seemed extremely hard todo trying 
this would end up in a zone overlap error. I think I need to make my registrar 
point to the integrated dns for this to work. 

I read some guides and it seems that people suggest to give the integrated dns 
server power over its own subdomain zone I did this by creating a NS record in 
my registrars dns management page but when running the command suggested in the 
redhat guide to check that it works it returns nothing this is the command i am 
running "dig @RegistrarsNameServerIPAddress +norecurse +short ipa.example.com. 
NS" but running a normal dig will show the record. 

; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 4096
;ipa.example.com.               IN      A

ipa.example.com.        1799    IN      NS      ipa.example.com.

ipa.example.com.        1799    IN      A       MyIPAddress

When trying to install using this subdomain I get this error right at the end. 
I have a feeling it is trying to add records to the integrated dns server but 
its not working properly.
“Updating DNS system records 
ipa         : ERROR    DNS query for ipa.example.com. 1 failed: All nameservers 
failed to answer the query ipa.example.com. IN A: Server UDP port 53 
anwered SERVFAIL”

I think my main problem with this is I actually dont know how DNS delegates 
subdomain nameservers it always asks for a FQDN when putting in a nameserver 
but shouldnt this really be an ip address. If someone could give me and example 
NS record or how they have set it up that would be great I am extremely lost 
even some reading materials would be helpful all guides online just assume you 
already have setup the NS record and don’t give you too much information. Also 
I have replace all refrences to my domain to example.com (not actually trying 
to use example.com).
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