Hi all,
I am very new to IPA and still a bit before going into production, so apologies in advance.

The plan is to have a number of servers that each one shares a space via kerberized nfs4 to the others, which makes all of them NFS clients and servers at the same time. On my attempt to setup automount globally via IdM and sssd, I realized that when a machine is configured as nfs server, it needs autofs.service to be stopped in order to access it's local shares mounted via fstab. If I use /etc/auto.master to mount the local shares instead of fstab, then autofs.service may (actually must) run and everything works properly but, doing so, I don't have the advantage of one central configuration location any more. The preferred scenario for each server would be to mount its local shares via fstab and the remote shares via sssd automount. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,

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