Winfried de Heiden via FreeIPA-users wrote:
> There's a nice litle article on
> /Multi-tenancy is an aspect of Identity Management (IdM) where multiple 
> parties use
> the same resource without learn any information about each other. The example 
> is two
> rival companies who both operate servers hosted in a public cloud. Neither 
> company
> should be aware of the existance of the other users presence in the web 
> using, and
> they definitely should not be able to enumerate either the users or the hosts 
> of the
> other company due to information leaks inside the cloud services. /
> The article is rather old and Multitenancy seems not possible in FreeIPA 4.x.
> Is there any progress on this, future plans? Multitenancy for IPA should be a 
> very nice
> feature!

Are you really asking for strict multi-tenancy as described above where the 
tenants even
don't know about the existence of each other?
If yes, what's wrong with running multiple FreeIPA instances with own 
domain/realm name?

The hard part is to let tenant users/admins cooperate/merge partially. But 
that's not the
definition mentioned above.

Ciao, Michael.

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