Thanks Callum for your advice so far, I am now able to login to the client
via the FreeIPA server authentication.

I am having trouble getting sudo access working properly. I have followed
the guide you mentioned but I still cannot sudo into the client. I have
opened up

everything under the created “sudo rule” but I am still not able to log in
with sudo priviledges.

So, as a test I have selected these commands within the “sudo rules” but no
success here.

Who – Anyone

Access this host – Anyhost

Run Commands – Any Command

*From the command line*

[root@ipa ~]# ipa sudorule-show sudo

  Rule name: sudo

  Enabled: TRUE

  User category: all

  Host category: all

  Command category: all

  RunAs User category: all

  RunAs Group category: all

  Sudo Option: !authenticate

Would be grateful for some advice, I am missing something here.


*Patrick McHale*

*Network and Systems Administrator*

*Infrastructure team*


*NZX Limited*
Level 1, NZX Centre, 11 Cable Street

PO Box 2959 Wellington 6140

New Zealand

DDI:      +64 4 495 2884

Mobile: +64 27 405 8340

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