Hi all!

In my setup I have 2 FreeIPA servers, both are masters (using location without greater success, but I think that issue is a problem in layer 8 (between keyboard and chair)). Now when I have used FreeIPA for a while I'm comfortable to let my home network use the FreeIPA for different kind of services. But I don't want to setup a full replica at home for a number for reasons: 1. I only use low-energy devices for the "house needs" (like raspberry pi and other low end machines) 2. I don't really trust how the replication will work during different kind of outages (when I tear down the network and rebuild it for test something new, or when my ISP having unannounced maintenance for a couple of hours).

The main purpose for stretch the ldap directory to my home network is to have a simple single sign-on (some services are just using ldap insted of true kerberos) for my family from some web logins and wifi authentication.

I don't expect the users to change the password when they connect to services that are using the FreeIPA cache, so I don't thing I need a read-write proxy.

Thanks in advanced
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