Thomas Handler via FreeIPA-users wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have installed FreeIPA and try to learn about the concepts.
> I’ve been looking around, reading documents that I found and searched
> but did not find any useful hints how to configure FreeIPA to solve my
> problem I describe below.
> Any hints will be greatly appreciated!
> I’m looking for a solution of the following:
> Given an organizationm let’s call it IT-Company. This organization has a
> couple of administrators which are repsonsible for maintaining users and
> hosts of the organization on FreeIPA. But IT-Company also has customers
> for whom it hosts some machines and some user accounts.
> Each of these customers should be able to manage their own users but
> they should not see users and hosts outside their scope.
> I found messages explaining the restrictions that inhibit users
> managing/changing anything outside their scope but I did not find
> anything showing how to filter the users/hosts shown to them.
> Can this be done with FreeIPA and if so how?

IPA doesn't support multi-tenancy so no, this isn't possible.

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