Using SSSD 1.15.2-1 and FreeIPA Client 4.4.4-1 on Debian Stretch 9.0 generates 
a broken SSSD configuration.
Adding the services manually to sssd.conf fixes this:

services = nss, sudo, pam, ssh

For some reason, ipa-client-install thinks we have socket-activated SSSD 
services, but we don’t. From the SSSD package, we only get:

- sssd.service
- sssd-secrets.socket
- sssd-secrets.service

There seems to be a mismatch between what gets configured in sssd.conf and what 
is actually on the system.
I should probably report it as a bug against the Debian package, but I wonder 
where the assumption for SSSD.conf is made. It is definitely generated by 
ipa-client-install, but maybe it’s because it sees the socket-activated SSSD 
components as a requirement?

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