Our company recently implemented freeipa to replace a cent5 kerberos
infrastructure. We set it up with a Winsync agreement with an AD domain,
and is working pretty well.
Our user disposition workflow in AD is this: user account is disabled, and
moved to a "terminated users" OU in AD. The account disable sync was
working fine to IPA, but yesterday I decided to "clean up" the Active Users
list in IPA, by deleting (with --preserve) all the disabled accounts (there
were many). This looked fine from the IPA side: the accounts got moved into
the Preserved users area (in the gui).
However, much to my dismay I later discovered that all of the termed
accounts in AD are gone. WHAT!!!???
This is bad (for historical/compliance), and came as a shock to me, because
the docs say: "While modifications are bi-directional (going both from
Active Directory to IdM and from IdM to Active Directory), creating or
adding accounts are only uni-directional, from Active Directory to Identity
Management". So WHY ON EARTH would a delete be bi-directional? I'm
suspecting (hoping) that the accounts weren't actually deleted, that they
are just hidden somewhere in AD that I can't see. PLEASE, if anyone can
point me in the right direction here as to what happened I would appreciate

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