Running FreeIPA out of Docker (`adelton/freeipa-server:centos-7` image), `ipa-replica-install` hangs at `[29/44]: setting up initial replication`. The `ipa-server-configure-first.log` (debug output enabled) is pasted in the below gist, plus output of `journalctl -xe` from within the container.

The options to `ipa-replica-install` look like this:


The docker command looks like this:

    docker run \
        --rm \
        --interactive \
        --restart=no \ \
        --security-opt=seccomp=unconfined \
        --name=ipa \
        --volume=/media/freeipa:/data \
        --volume=/sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro \
        --env=IPA_SERVER_IP= \
        --env=KRB5_TRACE=/dev/stdout \ \
        --publish=80:80 \
        --publish=443:443 \
        --publish=53:53 \
        --publish=53:53/udp \
        --publish=389:389 \
        --publish=636:636 \
        --publish=88:88 \
        --publish=88:88/udp \
        --publish=464:464 \
        --publish=464:464/udp \
        adelton/freeipa-server:centos-7 \

I'm starting to track this down starting from `ipaserver/install/`, `__setup_replica()`, but I'd really appreciate suggestions. Thanks-

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