Our setup is really close to this how-to:


Just a little different because this didn't exist when we did the 
configuration. But even if you follow that, users on Mac are not getting IPA 
groups and without correct groups, ALCs are not working for those workstations.


On 07/25/2017 10:36 AM, Grant Janssen wrote:


Oh yes, I had this problem.  But getting functionality on OS-X was not a simple 
Do you have documentation on how you got there?

- grant

On Jul 24, 2017, at 14:16, Luiz Garrido ALKEMY X via FreeIPA-users 


We have an environment with mixed OSX and CentOS computers and IPA is
working great for almost everything.

The only problem that we have (besides the known ones) is that the IPA
user logged to an OSX computer is not getting group information. Logged
to a CentOS, the `id` command shows all the groups assigned to the user
but running the same command on an OSX under the same user, the groups
are different, mainly Apple groups and not our IPA groups. Does anyone
had this problem?

So, because of this, ACL permissions on our NFS server is not working
for OSX machines, but are working great for CentOS ones.


Luiz Garrido

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