Hi all,

I'm fairly new to FreeIPA, but I'm using it to sort out single-sign-on
on a few computers on my small network.

So far, I've managed to setup up automounting of krb5i-protected shares
on my NAS. I can see that, when I log in a kerberos ticket is arranged
and then that is used to authenticate to the NFS server.

What I'm now wondering about is how things work with cron. I would like
to leave some of my machines unattended, but still have them run cron
jobs that access the NFS filesystems.

Is this a non-problem (i.e. is cron going to be able to access my files
without interaction, in the same way that it would on a regular system?)
Or do I need to arrange something beforehand to allow cron access (I've
seen various references to S4U2Proxy, to creating a "user/cron@REALM"
user and mapping that to just "user@REALM" and also to simply running
kinit before each job.)

Pointers to documentation would be useful.

For reference, I'm running FreeIPA on Fedora 25, but my client machines
are typically Debian 9.

Many thanks.

For more information, please reread.

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