Any ideas on this?  Everything appears to be in order, yet there is a disparity 
between the master and replica on the host count.

On Jul 25, 2017, at 09:11, Grant Janssen 
<<>> wrote:

grant@ef-idm02:~[20170725-9:05][#56]$ ipa_check_consistency -d 
FreeIPA servers:    ef-idm01    ef-idm02    STATE
Active Users        45          45          OK
Stage Users         0           0           OK
Preserved Users     0           0           OK
User Groups         18          18          OK
Hosts               47          66          FAIL
Host Groups         4           4           OK
HBAC Rules          1           1           OK
SUDO Rules          3           3           OK
DNS Zones           ERROR       ERROR       OK
LDAP Conflicts      NO          NO          OK
Ghost Replicas      NO          NO          OK
Anonymous BIND      YES         YES         OK
Replication Status  ef-idm02 0  ef-idm01 18

How would one go about resolving this?

- grant

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