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> Hi folks,
> a small suggestion for the web interface: An option "show all"
> would be nice, e.g. for the list of active users, user groups or
> hosts. Currently it just shows 20 entries, which is *way* too
> little.
> Please excuse if I was too blind to find a config option.
> freeipa is version 4.4.0-14 on Centos 7.3


20 was a hard-coded paging limit. Since FreeIPA 4.5 (not sure if also
in 4.4) the paging limit can be configured in Web UI under: "Top-right
corner menu"/Customization. It is per-brower-per-replica configuration
but should fulfill your needs provided that it is below 2000 (after
that directory server size limit will truncate results)

FreeIPA 4.5 is available e.g. in RHEL 7.4 which was released yesterday.

Petr Vobornik
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