The customizations that define the additions to the schema appear to be in
the javascript file /usr/share/ipa/ui/js/plugins/chemuser/chemuser.js.  It
defines the additional fields we use that are causing us so much trouble.
I have included it below.

// Place in /usr/share/ipa/ui/js/plugins/chemuser/
function(phases, user_mod) {

// helper function
function get_item(array, attr, value) {
 for (var i=0,l=array.length; i<l; i++) {
   if (array[i][attr] === value) return array[i];
 return null;

var chem_user_plugin = {};
chem_user_plugin.add_chemistry_fields_pre_op = function() {

 // Adds extra fields into user details facet.
 var facet = get_item(user_mod.entity_spec.facets, '$type', 'details');
 var section = get_item(facet.sections, 'name', 'identity');
     name: 'netid',
     label: 'BYU Net ID',
     required: 0,
   }, {
     name: 'studentid',
     label: 'BYU Student ID Number',
     required: 0,

 // Adds extra fields to add user form.
 var add_user_fields =
 add_user_fields.splice(3, 1)  // Remove 'Class' field
 add_user_fields.splice(3, 0, {
     name: 'netid',
     required: 0,
   }, {
     name: 'studentid',
     required: 0,
   }, {
     name: 'mail',
     required: 1,
   }, {
     $type: "combobox",
     name: "homedirectory",
     required: 1,
     editable: 0,
     options: [{
         label: "CSR",
         value: "/home/csr"
       }, {
         label: "Staff",
         value: "/home/staff"
       }, {
         label: "Faculty",
         value: "/home/faculty"
       }, {
         label: "Visiting/Postdoc",
         value: "/home/postdoc"
       }, {
         label: "Graduate",
         value: "/home/research",
       }, {
         label: "Researcher",
         value: "/home/research"
       }, {
         label: "Undergrad",
         value: "/home/students"
 return true;

phases.on('customization', chem_user_plugin.add_chemistry_fields_pre_op);
return chem_user_plugin;

This worked just fine prior to the update that Randy spoke of, but for
whatever reason it's not working now.  When adding a user through the web
UI, the fields that are for the netid and studentid have no labels on them
and if you try and add the person with data in them it gives an error: "IPA
Error 3005: Option Error.  Unknown option: studentid" or the same for the

The file appears to be in the right place in the filesystem.  Any ideas?

On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 1:27 PM, Alexander Bokovoy <>

> On to, 03 elo 2017, Kristian Petersen via FreeIPA-users wrote:
>> The customizations are in separate files and are still there, but seem to
>> be getting ignored for lack of a better description.
> You'd need to describe more and in more detail. Look at
> as an example of an
> external plugin that works and integrates with existing FreeIPA upgrade
> code properly.
> You can look at that one to see what's different on your side.
> --
> / Alexander Bokovoy

Kristian Petersen
System Administrator
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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