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> I'm having problems with replication on my two node ipa cluster (left-right,
> right-left) so I tried to re-initialize my replica.
> [root@idm02 ~]# ipa topologysegment-find domain ----------------- 1 segment
> matched ----------------- Segment name: idm01.domain.com-to-idm02.domain.com
> Left node: idm01.domain.com Right node: idm02.domain.com Connectivity:
> left-right ---------------------------- Number of entries returned 1

Having 1 segment with only left-right direction means that only one
direction of replication works. IPA by default doesn't offer to create
such segment. It by default creates segments with direction "both".

This issue is then reported in following `ipa topologysuffix-verify` command.

Question is how it got into this state. Was it an upgrade from older version?

Anyway, instead of reinitializing, I'd first try to add the second
part of segment. So that it can replicate in both ways. If the
replicas doesn't contain the same data and replication fails then
reinitialization might be the thing to do.

I'd try (not sure if it works):

$ ipa topologysegment-mod dm01.domain.com-to-idm02.domain.com

Other workaround/fix which would require a 3rd server though would be
to create segments between the other servers, remove this segment and
then recreate this segment.

In any way it is worth to look into /var/log/dirsrv/$instance/errors
log on both servers to check any errors or to check reinitialization

> ---------------------------- [root@idm01 ~]# ipa topologysuffix-verify
> domain ======================================================== Replication
> topology of suffix "domain" contains errors.
> ========================================================
> ------------------------ Topology is disconnected ------------------------
> Server idm02.domain.com can't contact servers: idm01.domain.com
> [root@idm01 ~]# ipa topologysegment-reinitialize --right Suffix name: domain
> Segment name: idm01.domain.com-to-idm02.domain.com
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Replication refresh for segment: "idm01.domain.com-to-idm02.domain.com"
> requested.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> How do I proceed? i cant find any online documentation on using the new
> topology commands

$ ipa help topology


Petr Vobornik
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