Unfortunately I don't know when this problem occurred first, but it may have occurred after an update.
The httpd does not start and aborts with the error

[:info] [pid 15383] Using nickname Server-Cert.
[...] [:error] [pid 15383] Certificate not found: 'Server-Cert'

when I want to start FreeIPA via "systemctl start ipa" or "ipactl start" or "systemctl start httpd"
If I turn the NSSEngine off it starts of cause.

In contrast to this message "ipa-getcert list -d /etc/httpd/alias/ -n Server-Cert" does find a certificate, if I get the output [1] right.

ipa-server-upgrade also complained about the HTTPD not starting, so I tried to run it with "NSSEnigne off" which made the upgrade run through, but did not fix the problem with the HTTPd

My System:
(After running "ipa-server-upgrade" with out any failures, but with "NSSEngine off")

# ipa --version
VERSION: 4.4.4, API_VERSION: 2.215

on Fedora Server 26

CA-Server at main IPA-Server (which is failing now)

/etc/hosts has got the fqdn in the first line
and DNS is not installed.

[1] # ipa-getcert list -d /etc/httpd/alias/ -n Server-Cert
Number of certificates and requests being tracked: 8.
Request ID '20160718102648':
        status: MONITORING
        stuck: no
key pair storage: type=NSSDB,location='/etc/httpd/alias',nickname='Server-Cert',token='NSS Certificate DB',pinfile='/etc/httpd/alias/pwdfile.txt' certificate: type=NSSDB,location='/etc/httpd/alias',nickname='Server-Cert',token='NSS Certificate DB'
        CA: IPA
        issuer: CN=Certificate Authority,O=EXAMPLE.COM
        subject: CN=ipa_server.example.com,O=EXAMPLE.COM
        expires: 2018-03-24 14:33:00 CET
key usage: digitalSignature,nonRepudiation,keyEncipherment,dataEncipherment
        eku: id-kp-serverAuth,id-kp-clientAuth
        pre-save command:
        post-save command: /usr/libexec/ipa/certmonger/restart_httpd
        track: yes
        auto-renew: yes

Many thanks in advance,

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