On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 01:04:05PM +0530, Supratik Goswami via FreeIPA-users 
> I have configured trust between AD and IPA and Linux machines are member of
> IPA domain.
> When I log into any of the Linux machine and type "w" it does not list the
> user AD user with which I just logged in.

How exactly did you log in?

I'm not sure if my knowledge of these details is correct, but I thought
that programs like "w" look at the utmp file which is these days handled
by systemd-logind. So I would say that whether the user should be listed
also depends on whether the login creates a logind session. Notably "su"
does not create a session, but e.g. ssh or login through the text
console does.

Typing "loginctl" should give some info as well.
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