On pe, 18 elo 2017, Alexander Bokovoy via FreeIPA-users wrote:
On pe, 18 elo 2017, Stefan Uygur wrote:
Yeah sorry, the debug logs were not included originally. Re to RPMs, I
have removed all dupes, they were many. All is clean now and the system
is up to date.

Attached is the ipa.conf file.
Alias for /session/cookie is missing in it.

You can see a correct ipa.conf here:

You need to make sure your version has all parts, including

# Target for login with internal connections
Alias /ipa/session/cookie "/usr/share/ipa/gssapi.login"
BTW, your ipa.conf has version 22 while a proper version should be 27.

Combined together with the fact that you had duplicates in rpms, looks
like there was general upgrade issue that did not complete overall

It may be better to run ipa-server-upgrade manually to see if some other
parts were missing.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
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