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> Looks like I missed your answers.
> Question:  Do I need to run that command on all RHEL6 CA servers or just one 
> of them?  (We currently have 2 RHEL 6 CA servers.)

Which command?

Pasting previsous text, now with host where to run it

So run on RHEL 6 master - this can be run on all RHEL 6 masters but
especially on the one where you then run ipa-replica-prepare
# python /usr/share/pki/scripts/restore-subsystem-user.py -v

Following is ok to run only on one master. After running it
ipa-(cs)replica-manage list commands should no longer list the replica
Then remove previous installation attempt by:
* ipa-replica-manage del $replica
* ipa-csreplica-manage del $replica

Try again
* generate new replica file by ipa-replica-prepare (on the orinal master)
* run replica installation again with the new replica file

> Thank you for the reply!

Petr Vobornik
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