On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 07:13:13PM +0530, Supratik Goswami via FreeIPA-users 
> When executed in the server I get the below logs
> (Fri Aug 18 08:18:26 2017) [sssd[nss]] [orderly_shutdown] (0x0010):
> SIGTERM: killing children
> (Fri Aug 18 08:20:04 2017) [sssd[nss]] [orderly_shutdown] (0x0010):
> SIGTERM: killing children
> (Fri Aug 18 08:20:11 2017) [sssd[nss]] [orderly_shutdown] (0x0010):
> SIGTERM: killing children
> (Fri Aug 18 08:23:32 2017) [sssd[nss]] [orderly_shutdown] (0x0010):
> SIGTERM: killing children
> In the client side the log file is empty

Well, we don't log anything by default, you need to increase the debug
level. See https://docs.pagure.org/SSSD.sssd/users/troubleshooting.html

> I also looked at the option full_name_format to see if I can use the
> username and ignore the domain altogether for displaying.
> As per the documentation "full_name_format parameter sets how the user name
> and domain name (once determined) are displayed".
> But when I set it to *full_name_format = %1$s*  I am not able to login

This won't work on the server at least, but should work on the clients.
But I would suggest to not change the defaults much and only deviate
from the defaults once the baseline works.
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