The circumstances/environment are a little unusual.

We have a secure zone in which Windows AD has read-only domain controllers as a 
security measure which we use to authenticate against. The read-write DC's are 
firewalled off but are assigned the core roles (I'm more linux than Windows - I 
forget what roles they are).

So we have a rhel 7.2 system sssd -1.13.0-40 and it has the following in its 

dns_discovery_domain = XX-XXX-XXX-PRIV._sites.domain.xx.xx.xx
ad_site = XX-XXX-XXX-PRIV
ad_enable_dns_sites = true

and it happily identifies the RODC's in the site XX-XXX-XXX-PRIV with SRV query 
to _ldap._tcp. XX-XXX-XXX-PRIV._sites. domain.xx.xx.xx

On the other hand we have a SLES 12 Sp2 system in the same zone and when we 
configure it the same way, it cannot discover the RODC's in the XX-XXX-XXX-PRIV 
site, so we have worked around by putting them in as ad_servers.

The sles 12 sp2 version of sssd is sssd-

Our preference is to not have to rely on hardcoded server addresses so the rhel 
config is preferred and I imagine the SLES one will catch up as the updated 
versions are released on SLES, however I was wondering how AD site discovery 
worked and whether my assumption that the firewall is blocking that discovery 
(i. e. putting the site into dns_discovery_domain setting) is correct.


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