Sorry for my this late update.. Thank you for responding to my query. 
I was able to do it on my test vm environment, replication and migration also 

I tried this process on production environment but unfortunately I am 
encountering an error. 
Here's my scenario, I have an FreeIPA server (old one) and another FreeIPA 
server with no users and etc. 
I need to do replication/migration so the data from the old one will be seen on 
the new ipa server. I was expecting to have a positive and smooth operation 
since I have tested it on test vm. But unfortunately an error was encountered 
"CRITICAL Failed to restart the directory server ". 

I checked the certificates and they are all valid and not expired also the 
pki-tomcatd service stops. My senior said that this issue was present even 
before I handled this project and they are not able to resolve this. Someone 
suggested to try using ldap commands not the ipa-tools on this so I can 
transfer user details, etc to another server. 

May I know if this is possible and can you give me some instructions on how I 
can do migration using ldap commands. 
Thank you!!
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