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Yesterday we updated our fileserver to bring it up to the newest kernel. At
the same time it update the ipa-client and samba. After the update was
finished our ability to access the shared resources on the fileserver
disappeared. After some very careful troubleshooting we have been able to
narrow it down to a problem with Samba, but we have been unable to find
where in the configuration the problem is. I am including several logs,
config files, etc with this, we need this restored ASAP, but can't seem to
isolate the issue.

Please show rpm versions for freeipa, samba, and krb5 packages.

Please also set log level 10 in smb.conf and provide logs off the list.

It is late in my timezone so I'll be able to look at them tomorrow.
To close the loop, it is a change in internal behavior in Samba 4.6.x
that made SSSD-provided libwbclient to return wrong (for newer Samba)

The fix is tracked with https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/353

/ Alexander Bokovoy
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