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If you are using Samba with FreeIPA, you may want to wait to upgrade to
7.4.  There is a bug in a library that comes with sssd that will break it
for you.  RedHat is recommending to wait for now.

The only bug I know about that fits this description is a missing
requires: from samba on the correct version of krb5-libs. Typically,
users run into this issue if they yum upgrade with the --security flag
which upgrades the samba package, but not krb5..

This bug will be fixed soon in RHEL-7.4.
No, you missed the bug with a semantic change in libwbclient usage in
Samba 4.6 or later where SSSD version returns 'not implemented' instead
of 'winbindd is not available' and that stops the flow. By returning
'winbindd is not available' return code it is able to proceed.

This is addressed by Lukas' patches in https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/353

/ Alexander Bokovoy
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