Hello all,

We're trying to install integrate a samba server with ipa.  

Our install is going well, until we get to the command:
#> ipa service-add cifs/myshare.my.domain
I get the response:
#> ipa: ERROR: Host 'myshare.my.domain' does not have corresponding DNS A/AAAA 
Which is not true, because this command:
#> ipa dnsrecord-find my.domain myshare
Record name: myshare
  A record: 10.X.XX.XXX
  SSHFP record: 1 1 HASH, 1 2 HASH, 3 1
                HASH, 3 2 HASH, 4 1
                HASH, 4 2 HASH
Number of entries returned 1

Any ideas where to turn from here?

I'm running redhat 7.4 with latest updates, ipa-server-4.5.0-21.el7
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