Done configuring directory server (dirsrv).
Configuring Kerberos KDC (krb5kdc)
 [1/10]: adding kerberos container to the directory
 [2/10]: configuring KDC
 [3/10]: initialize kerberos container
 [4/10]: adding default ACIs
 [5/10]: creating a keytab for the directory
 [6/10]: creating a keytab for the machine
 [7/10]: adding the password extension to the directory
 [8/10]: creating anonymous principal
 [9/10]: starting the KDC
 [10/10]: configuring KDC to start on boot
Done configuring Kerberos KDC (krb5kdc).
Configuring kadmin
 [1/2]: starting kadmin
 [2/2]: configuring kadmin to start on boot
Done configuring kadmin.
Configuring certificate server (pki-tomcatd). Estimated time: 3 minutes
 [1/29]: configuring certificate server instance
 [2/29]: exporting Dogtag certificate store pin
 [3/29]: stopping certificate server instance to update CS.cfg
 [4/29]: backing up CS.cfg
 [5/29]: disabling nonces
 [6/29]: set up CRL publishing
 [7/29]: enable PKIX certificate path discovery and validation
 [8/29]: starting certificate server instance
 [9/29]: configure certmonger for renewals
 [10/29]: requesting RA certificate from CA
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