i have setup an IPA server, NFS server with Samba and of course many clients.
The server are running Scientific Linix 7.3, the clients Fedora 25, CentOS 7.3
and also SL 7.3.

This was running well for one year.

Last week - i think when new IPA patches arrived - we where not able to mount
the NFS shares. I see messages like this:

  Could not chdir to home directory /home/habicht: No such file or directory

When i make a "ls /home“ i see the directories, but i can’t mount.

Authentication is working.

First i thought, my IPA server is broken, so i setup a new one and i also 
configure the NFS server and the clients for the new IPA server.
(Important: On the NFS server i do only a new ipa-client-install - not a 
of the whole server!)

But i then have the same problem again …

For the shares i am using sec=krb5i. At the end i tested sec=sys. And this 

Can you give me any help, why a NFS server suddenly stopped working exporting
the shares with sec=krb5i (and also krb5 …)?
What could be broken?
Where i have to search?

Thanx for any help!


  Detlev  | Institut fuer Mikroelektronische Systeme
  Habicht | D-30167 Hannover +49 511 76219662 habi...@ims.uni-hannover.de
  --------+-------- Handy    +49 172 5415752  ---------------------------

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