Hello all...

So i have a wildcard cert from geotrust.
I am running freeipa V4.4 fresh install no users yet
I downloaded and installed their  GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority root 
cert from here  --> https://www.geotrust.com/resources/root-certificates/
I ran this command to import it...

ipa-cacert-manage -p password -n httpcrt -t C,, install root_ca.crt

I get back this ;

Installing CA certificate, please wait
CA certificate successfully installed
The ipa-cacert-manage command was successful
Then i go to install just the http cert for freeipa as dictated by company 

Then I run this...


Then i go to add the cert like this...

ipa-server-certinstall -w star_domain_com.key star_domain_com.crt
Directory Manager password: 
Enter private key unlock password: 

I get this back....

The full certificate chain is not present in star_domain_com.key, 
The ipa-server-certinstall command failed.

So I combined the bundle and cert into one file, still a no go , i tried bot 
ways cert first then bundle, and bundle first then cert, still a no go.
Any ideas?

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