doug.kelly--- via FreeIPA-users wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a situation where the virtualisation platform our two
> replicated IPA servers are running on doesn't support proper
> snapshotting, so I'm unable to restore a snapshot if anything should go
> awry in any software update, which is hugely helpful of course...!
> With this in mind I am wondering if I can do the following, as I know it
> is ok to run one of the two servers (in this instance) on 4.5.0 for a
> period of time but the other should be done fairly shortly afterwards
> (days) – Can I bring on a third, totally fresh VM running 4.5.0 and add
> it as a replica to the two existing servers running 4.4.0 and then
> upgrade the existing ones after that?
> Hope someone can help.

Yes, you can join a newer version of IPA to the topology.

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