Hi there,

we're using ipa-server-4.4.0 (without its own DNS) and are facing the situation 
with A/CNAME host.

Basically a host is installed with CNAME as the OS, and IPA is aware of only A 
record since host is joined to IPA domain with its A record. The A record is 
member of proper host group and there is relevant sudo policy, but that doesn't 
work since CNAME is not added to IPA domain.

Is there any better resolution for this, except adding CNAME to IPA domain and 
to relevant hostgroup.

This command as expected reports error.
# ipa host-show <CNAME>
ipa: ERROR: <CNAME>: host not found

and command

# ipa host-show <A_record>

gives expected output ...

Host name: <FQDN>
Principal name: host/<FQDN>@<DOMAIN>

thanks, Zarko

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