Hi all,

I have been trying to set up one-way trust for quite a while. I thought I have 
everything sorted out but when I tried to move from test environment to 
production, I received error below upon trying to set up trust with ipa trust 

ipa trust-add --type=ad my.domain.com --admin adminaccount --password

ipa: ERROR: CIFS server communication error: code "-1073741801", message 
"Memory allocation error" (both may be "None")

Googling returned some results that suggested upgrading samba and freeipa 
versions. I did so and now I am using:
freeipa - 4.5.3-1.fc26
samba - 2:4.6.7-0.fc26

This however didn't change the result.

What can be important here is that my.domain.com is a child domain of 
domain.com in terms of AD (it is a separate domain controller).

Can you please advise how to fix it?
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