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> We have discovered that Hyper-V is a s bad as always and that its
> almost impossible to have a sync'ed hardware and software time, and
> that some servers (still not on IPA) have a time diff of several
> hours.

I don't know what "hardware" and "software" time mean here.  On Linux,
time is kept by the hardware and accessed by the kernel, both for its
own needs and for user space programs.

> I cannot find any documentation on Kerberos and software vs hardware
> time and if its possible to force Kerberos to use software time as
> this seems to be the only way to get a correct time on Hyper-V?

krb5 works with system time (glorified unix timestamps, in fact).  It is
not aware of timezones and the like; everything is done in seconds since
the epoch.

Basically: time(2) needs to behave correctly, otherwise nothing can be
expected to work.


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