Dear all,

appologies if that has already been discussed. I am currently on travel 
overseas and only have a small tablet here, so my options are limited.

Suddenly, our Linux Mint clients refrain from logging in users and throw a 
system error. I increased the log level and the relevant lines seem to be:

(Sun Sep 10 03:19:09 2017) [sssd[be[]]] 
[hbac_eval_user_element] (0x0040): Parse error on [
cn=System: Manage Host 
 Malformed cache entry
(Sun Sep 10 03:19:09 2017) [sssd[be[]]] 
[hbac_ctx_to_rules] (0x0020): Could not construct e
val request
(Sun Sep 10 03:19:09 2017) [sssd[be[]]] 
[ipa_hbac_evaluate_rules] (0x0020): Could not const
ruct HBAC rules
(Sun Sep 10 03:19:09 2017) [sssd[be[]]] 
[be_pam_handler_callback] (0x0100): Backend returne
d: (3, 4, <NULL>) [Internal Error (System error)]

I tried to delete the local cache, but that had no effect. Restarting the IPA 
server in question also did not help.

Thanks for any hint.

Best regards


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