Perhaps, but I'm not sure it's the bind password. When I've done binds with the 
proxy account using for example, ldapsearch, it works without issue. I've also 
attempted to change the password and do ldapclient uninit and ldapclient init 
with the new password. So IPA users are working but not AD trust users.

# ldapsearch -x -LLL -D 
'uid=solaris,cn=sysaccounts,cn=etc,dc=ipa,dc=example,dc=com' -W uid=louis.abel
Enter LDAP Password:
dn: uid=louis.abel,cn=users,cn=compat,dc=ipa,dc=example,dc=com
cn: Louis Abel
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: top
gidNumber: 1006800013
gecos: Louis Abel
uidNumber: 25439
loginShell: /bin/bash
homeDirectory: /home/louis.abel
uid: louis.abel
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