I read about the vault feature in the documentation and installed the feature on my ipa master (ipa-kra-install). However, when I try to access my vault on an ipa client, I get:

ipa: INFO: trying https://ipa2.linux.mydomain.at/ipa/session/json

ipa: INFO: trying https://ipa2.linux.mydomain.at/ipa/session/json

ipa: INFO: Connection to https://ipa2.linux.mydomain.at/ipa/session/json failed with <ProtocolError for ipa2.linux.mydomain.at/ipa/session/json: 401 Unauthorized>

ipa: INFO: trying https://ipa1.linux.mydomain.at/ipa/session/json

ipa: INFO: Connection to https://ipa1.linux.mydomain.at/ipa/session/json failed with <ProtocolError for ipa1.linux.mydomain.at/ipa/session/json: 401 Unauthorized>

ipa: ERROR: cannot connect to 'any of the configured servers': https://ipa2.linux.mydomain.at/ipa/session/json, https://ipa1.linux.mydomain.at/ipa/session/json

What is wrong here? Am I misunderstanding the concept (centralized vault on ipa servers being accessable by ipa clients)?

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