On pe, 29 syys 2017, Andy Stubbs via FreeIPA-users wrote:

We'd like to test FreeIPA in our environment, but I'm having a little bit
of trouble importing DNS zone files.

Running on fresh install of CentOS 7.4.1708 with
FreeIPA 4.5.0-21.el7.centos.1.2

I install a vanilla IPA server from scratch with (something along these

ipa-server-install --mkhomedir --setup-dns --setup-adtrust
--netbios-name=REALM --enable-compat --no-forwarders --realm=REALM.BLAHBLAH
--domain=realm.blahblah --hostname=ds1.realm.blahblah
--ip-address=10.<something> --reverse-zone=10.in-addr.arpa.
--allow-zone-overlap --no-host-dns

I have prepared an LDIF file for importing our reverse zone (around about
140k entries, thanks to lots of $GENERATE$ in our existing zone files).

I then import the LDIF into 389ds with:

ldapadd -c -d -1 -Y GSSAPI < reverse.ldif

This starts off generally well, but always ends up hanging, with slapd
locking up too.
Do you need compat tree at this point? If not, disable it with
'ipa-compat-manage disable' and 'ipa-nis-manage disable', run your
import job, enable compat/nis.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
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