I noticed just today when trying to reset a password for a user that when I
pull up the page for a specific user, it shows them as being disabled even
if they aren't.  This causes teh reset password option to be grayed-out
among other things.  I verified the users weren't actually disabled by
running ipa user-show <username> on a few of them.  If you do a user search
or show all of the users in the system the status shows correctly on that
page of the Web UI.  The problem appears to happen across the replicas as

After playing around with the Web UI for a bit I found that a hard refresh
(Ctrl+Shift+R) of the user's page fixes this problem *very temporarily*.
If you go to another user the problem resurfaces.  Something is getting
cached by the browser that is causing it to display incorrectly.  I have
confirmed this happens in both chrome and firefox running in both Windows
and Linux.  The httpd logs show nothing there, /var/log/ipa logs aren't
helpful either.

IPA got some updates on Sept. 27th (which also appear to have broken
pki-tomcatd), but I didn't notice this particular issue until today.  IPA
will run with out the pki-tomcatd working if you tell it to ignore the
failure, however, I'm not sure if the two problems are related.
Kristian Petersen
System Administrator
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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