On to, 05 loka 2017, Jochen Hein wrote:
Alexander Bokovoy <aboko...@redhat.com> writes:

On to, 05 loka 2017, Jochen Hein via FreeIPA-users wrote:

[Thu Oct 05 11:36:38.505372 2017] [:error] [pid 7424] [remote] CalledProcessError: Command '/usr/bin/kinit -n -c
/var/run/ipa/ccaches/armor_7424 -X
X509_anchors=FILE:/var/kerberos/krb5kdc/kdc.crt -X
X509_anchors=FILE:/var/lib/ipa-client/pki/kdc-ca-bundle.pem' returned
non-zero exit status 1

Do you have krb5-pkinit installed?  I think there is a dependency
missing.  And I ran "ipa-pkinit-manage enable", but I don't remember if
it's needed for WebUI login.
Looking into RHEL/CentOS spec file, I see:

Hm, then the dependency was missing for the client pakages for Debian/Ubuntu.
This should not be a problem for the case above because it is IPA
master, not a client here.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
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