I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to enforce OTP on VPN access using
FreeRADIUS backed by FreeIPA as the auth oracle.

I'm using a FreeIPA 4.5.0-21 client which is running FreeRADIUS 3.0.13-8,
enrolled to a FreeIPA 4.5.0-21 server, both on clean installs of CentOS

I need to enforce OTP for VPN access, and have it optional everywhere else.
This kind of access based on auth indicators seems to be pretty standard,
and is even mentioned in the RH IdM manual (section 22.3).

But I can't get it to work. I have been banging my head against this for a
few days now. Could somebody point me in the right direction please?

I have users who have "password" and "otp" auth mechanisms enabled. Of
course, this means I can't use LDAP to enforce OTP.

PAM feels like it should be the right answer, but I've singularly failed to
coax it into doing the right thing.

I note that if "password" is _not_ an allowed auth mechanism, then
system-auth, su, and sudo seem to be happy accepting "password+OTP" at the
"First Factor" and leaving "Second Factor" blank. OTOH, if "password" is
allowed, the "password+OTP" at "First Factor" and leaving "Second Factor
(optional)" blank fails.

I've tried enforcing OTP on the host the FreeRADIUS server is running on,
instead of on the user, and trying "password+OTP" at the "password" prompt.
Also no dice.

In any case, it seems that whatever pam module I configure the rlm_pam
module to use, "password+OTP" just isn't accepted, but if I turn off otp as
an auth mechanism for a user, the password is accepted just fine.

I've tried krb5 too, creating a specific service, and trying just about
every combination of password/otp options on host, service, and user... and
again, no dice (though it works if otp is off on all of them, but that's
obviously not what I need to achieve).

I can't find any reference to a specific API for testing an OTP token for a
user independent of a password (though I have seen references to the
ipa-otpd process on the V4/OTP page), and I don't really want to roll my
own - so that kind of rules out writing my own python/perl module for
FreeRADIUS. Nor do I particularly relish the idea of managing another layer
of dedicated OTP software like privacyIDEA. (Of course, if that's the
_right_ answer, then that's what I'll do)

I figure I must be missing something fairly simple as I just can't get it
to work and I can't imagine this is a particularly exotic use case: force
OTP on VPN and have it optional everywhere else.

Any pointers? I would love this to be an embarrassing and trivial oversight
on my part. Please let it be that :)

Thanks in advance for your consideration,



Andrew Stubbs, PhD
Head of Technical Operations

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