On 10/09/2017 12:24 PM, Andrew Meyer wrote:
I'm heading down that route as well.  But I would like to have both options available to the boss.

I'm not sure if my syntax is incorrect.  That's where I need help.

Can't help you there, brother.  Our LDAP setup was crap from the beginning, so we never even considered a true conversion.  Not to mention our case is somewhat special as we have 3 different LDAP setups.  Our production servers have either Zimbra LDAP or ties to our internal Ops LDAP client.  We also manage DHCP/RADIUS for our customers and those boxes, for reasons that boggle the mind, were shipped with copies of our full LDAP database.  This was primarily due to having customers in very high latency areas (Hawaii and Alaska mostly.)  Granted that never worked well enough to use, but instead of changing it, they kept shipping the DHCP/RADIUS servers with full LDAP DBs on them.

Writing an Ansible playbook for all this (except the Zimbra servers) has been a real trick.

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