On (10/10/17 12:47), Alka Murali via FreeIPA-users wrote:
>Hello Team,
>I have integrated my Ubuntu/Debian and CentOS Servers as IPA Clients to my
>FreeIPA Server. The custom sudo rule added by me also works for the users
>assigned to the rule.
>The first login attempt as well as sudo access works fine. However if the
>user logins later or after few days, the sudo user is not recognised and
>inturn the user is getting locked out of the server. I have tested this and
>can see that even though there is no failed attempt by the user on the
>server, pam_sss is giving access_denied error message which intunrs blocks
>the user for ever.
>Is there any sort of pam settings that needs to be applied?
I would recommend to check following pages:
I'm soory but it is not possible to help without more details.

It is impossible it is a bug so you can test with never version of sssd
1.15.x otherwise please file a bug

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