Mark Haney via FreeIPA-users wrote:
Due to people not documenting squat here over years, one of our servers
configurations got jacked up when I migrated it from OpenLDAP to IPA.
This is a CentOS 6 server that runs RANCID to pull customer edge router
configs.  The old OpenLDAP setup had a policy in Kerberos that would
create a symlink to the RANCID backup directory in the home directory of
a new user account upon first login.  Is it possible to set this up in
IPA?  If so, are there docs/how tos on doing this?

I would assume it's an IPA policy, but I'm not sure how similar it would
be to doing it in OpenLDAP/Kerberos.

Unfortunately there is no way to specify scripts upon user login (first or otherwise) in IPA currently.

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