I just installed a new replica on Centos 7.3. Our existing servers are also on 
Centos 7.3, and use IPA 4.4, which comes with Centos 7.3. I was somewhat 
surprised to find that my new replica was IPA 4.5 with a newer version of sssd 
as well. It appears that the replica install process did the Centos 7.4 
upgrades for ipa and sssd, though the rest of the system is still Cento 7.3. 
The resulting system works, with only minor differences in behavior in sssd. 
But it was unexpected.

We’ll do a full Centos 7.4 upgrade at the next major break, but had been 
holding off doing that during a semester.

It’s moderately important to me not to get unexpected versions of software. I 
didn’t even notice the difference until the replica was in production. In a 
sense that’s good, because it means 4.5 works fine. But we could also have 
discovered it that hard way …

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