Alexander Bokovoy <> writes:

> On ti, 17 loka 2017, Johannes Brandstetter via FreeIPA-users wrote:
>> I'm trying to upgrade FreeIPA through ipa-server-upgrade from 4.4 to
>> 4.5. The command fails with an "ACIError: Insufficient access:" . I
>> find in the kdc log that it complains about " Database module does
>> not match KDC version - while initializing database for realm..."
> You should make sure your system is fully upgraded. Not just 'yum
> install freeipa-server' to upgrade but all related packages too.  In
> particular, MIT Kerberos has database driver version that may change
> with a version update and we have to rebuild FreeIPA driver against
> it.

We have some packaging logic coming in to prevent krb5 mismatch (in
Fedora), but it's not in RHEL right now.


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