After a crash of one of  our IPA servers this morning I noticed that two of the 
6 IPA servers we use have an old replica listed.  It was part of a previous 
failed install attempt.  Normally in this situation I would use the clean-ruv 
but the replica doesn't appear in the list-ruv output.  Is there another way to 
clean this bad entry?

# ipa-replica-manage list
Directory Manager password:

ipa1.domain.tld: master
ipa2.domain.tld: master     <---  No longer exists.
ipa3.domain.tld: master
ipa4.domain.tld: master
ipa5.domain.tld: master
ipa6.domain.tld: master
ipa7.domain.tld: master

# ipa-replica-manage list-ruv
Directory Manager password:

ipa3.domain.tld:389: 8
ipa4.domain.tld:389: 9
ipa1.domain.tld:389: 3
ipa5.domain.tld:389: 12
ipa6.domain.tld:389: 19
ipa7.domain.tld:389: 21

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