I am running into an issue deploying FreeIPA.  I am converting from OpenLDAP.  
However I have multiple sub-domain under my tld.
So let's say I own example.com
I have multiple zones under that where I have servers sitting.  All of these 
sub-domains are specific to VLANs as well.
I want to add the server to that DOMAIN but it still under the example.com 
domain.  However the installer is complaining that if I do this failover will 
not be an option.  
The plan is to put 2 FreeIPA servers in every location.
My question is how can I get around that?  Can I go back and edit the sssd.conf 
file?  I will already have /etc/resolv.conf populated.
Any thoughts?  Has anyone else had this same issue?
Thank you,
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