Hi Simo,

> Use ipa-getkeytab on an admin workstation, then securely transfer the keytab 
> to the servers.

We have _many_ hosts in a cluster, so this is not practical on a per host 
basis. I single line command we could bulk execute on each of them to retrieve 
the key would be preferred.



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On Tue, 2017-10-24 at 16:23 +1300, Aaron Hicks via FreeIPA-users wrote:
> Hello the FreeIPA List,
> We've got a FreeIPA directory set up and running. That's all good.
> The difficult part is that we also have a number (many) of SLE 12 SP2 
> hosts that need to be enrolled.
> I can see that the freeipa-client package has not been available to 
> SLE/SUSE since 2015 or so, so the ipa-client-install, ipa-join, and 
> ipa- getkeytab tools are unavailable. They would be nice, we'd just do 
> a check and execute it when host is redeployed to enroll and configure 
> the host.
> We've manage to figure out the static parts of the required 
> configuration (/etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/sssd/sssd.conf and 
> /etc/krb5.conf) as well as deploying the FreeIPA server's certificate 
> to /etc/ipa/ca.crt. We can also enroll the hosts 'remotely' by 
> scripting over their hostnames and IP addresses from a CSV file, so 
> the exist in the FreeIPA directory and even join them to some 
> hostgroups.
> The bit we're a bit stuck at is retrieving the host's Kerberos keytab. 
> There does not seem to be a getkeytab request for the FreeIPA API, and 
> the use of kadmin and ktutil to process the keytab is not recommended.

Use ipa-getkeytab on an admin workstation, then securely transfer the keytab to 
the servers.

> We need a stepwise process to run on the host being enrolled that gets 
> the keytab from the FreeIPA directory and installs it into the host.
> At the moment the method that looks like it's going to work is to 
> write a script that ssh to the FreeIPA server, kinit as a user who can 
> retrieve keytabs, get the keytab and write to a temporary file, scp 
> the keytab back to the host, tidy up temp files, then return to the 
> host, validate the keytab, install it, and restart Kerberos/sshd/sssd.

This may work also.

> This seems less than ideal, alternatively should we look a compiling 
> the ipa-client into a package?

In the freeIPA git repo there is, in the spec file, a variable that allows you 
to compile only the client bits IIRC. You should be able to compile that for 


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