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> The dirsrv log just shows a bunch of the following:
> [13/Oct/2017:14:32:07.132312021 -0600] - ERR - slapi_ldap_bind - Error:
> could not bind id [cn=Replication Manager cloneAgreement1-ipa
>,ou=csusers,cn=config] authentication mechanism
> [SIMPLE]: error 32 (No such object)
> That makes sense though since pki-tomcat won't start.  Rob was asking what
> was in the logs located at /var/log/pki/pki-tomcat/ca/debug, but that path
> doesn't exist on any of my IPA servers.  He said that would normally be the
> first place to look.  Hence, I am looking for other solutions.

Brute force: reproduce the error and run "find /var/log -mmin -1 -type f -ls".
This finds the files changed in the last minute - one of these might


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