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Same Like this Lable no field no edit no save but fine in command base ...any different freeipa4.0 vs 3.0 procedure?
Do you have IPA 4.x ? Or which version?

Try to add following line into the specification of your new field:

flags: ['w_if_no_aci']

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2017-11-09 14:44 GMT+08:00 Pavel Vomacka <pvoma...@redhat.com <mailto:pvoma...@redhat.com>>:

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    Dear all:

    I follow the guide of freeipa 3.0 abt web plugin web ui. At
    command base I successfully made
    a custom attribute called Employee " Commencement Date" . I can
    add using script / command.

    BUT in web UI , it Display "Commencent date" Label only ....and
    cannot display edit field and allow me edit.

    After That I changed to Multivalue the field come out but still
    the save button is grey I cannot save again.

    Which part I made wrong ? please advise . thx

      function(phases, user_mod) {
        // helper function
        function get_item(array, attr, value) {
          for (var i=0,l=array.length; i<l; i++) {
            if (array[i][attr] === value) return array[i];
          return null;

      var cdate_plugin = {};

      cdate_plugin.add_c_date = function() {
        var facet = get_item(user_mod.entity_spec.facets, '$type',
        var section = get_item(facet.sections, 'name', 'identity');
          $name: 'comDate',
    The dollar character should be at the beginning of type attribute
    not the name. So try to change it to:
    name: 'comDate',
    $type: 'multivalued'
          type: 'multivalued',

          label: 'Commencement Date'
        return true;

      phases.on('customization', cdate_plugin.add_c_date);

      return cdate_plugin;

    Does it help?

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