Hi folks,

maybe I missed something, but shouldn't admin have sufficient
privileges to run

# ipa-client-install --hostname stretch1.vs.example.de --no-ssh --no-sshd 
--no-nisdomain --no-sudo --no-ntp --no-dns-sshfp
# reboot
# kinit admin              
# ipa-getkeytab -s ipa1.example.de -p HTTP/stretch1.vs.example.de -k 


ipa-getkeytab failed with 

        Failed to parse result: PrincipalName not found.

I would have expected it to create the principal on the fly. 

"admin" was created at freeipa install time on the first server,
AFAIR. It is member of the "admins" and "trust admins" groups.

I am concerned that I corrupted something. Every helpful comment 
is highly appreciated.

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